Strategic Interventions events are designed to educate, transform, and intervene in the biggest social challenges of our time.

Strategic Interventions Compelling Speakers, Trainers, and Facilitators

Compelling Speakers, Trainers, and Facilitators

Our team of expert facilitators, trainers, and presenters bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every workshop and presentation.

Grounded in strong theoretical frameworks and current research you will leave transformed and inspired.

Thank you for your fierce, unapologetic training. I was impatient to have a class about feminism, and your intersectional approach was fantastic. I learned a lot, it was very inspirational!

– Marianne R

I was extremely grateful for your presentation back in my undergrad studies, and now again in my graduate studies. I so appreciate your insight, critical analysis and discussions of historical context. Thank you for all your devoted effort in the community and advocacy for the safety and wellbeing of women & girls.

– Kristina G

Thank you Angela for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and time. This was my third time listening to you present and I admire how you always generate critical discussions!

– Rachel

Meetings Transformed

At Strategic Interventions, our immersive and innovative meeting and training rooms inspire creativity, encourage collaboration, and foster a sense of community. Our spaces are designed to ignite your passion and give you the energy to tackle any challenge.

Experience the Ultimate Commercial Drive Address

Located in the vibrant and bustling neighborhood of Commercial Drive and easily accessible by transit via the Commercial-Broadway station, Strategic Interventions is just a short distance away from downtown Vancouver. It is also in close proximity to the city’s best hotels, restaurants, and attractions, making it the perfect location for your training, meeting, or event.

With Strategic Interventions, you not only have access to a premium workspace, but you also have unlimited access to the surrounding community, from the lively streets of Commercial Drive to the beautiful natural landscapes of Vancouver. Take advantage of everything the city has to offer, from the thriving business scene to the nearby mountains and sea and elevate your professional and personal development to new heights.

Strategic Interventions live in-person training and events
Strategic Interventions live in-person training and events

Keynote Speakers

We bring you the best speakers to achieve your goals.

Our dynamic and exceptional speakers, have the unique skills to inform, inspire, and engage audiences sparking action towards social change.