Claudia Maldonado


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Manager of Advancing Women’s Awareness Regarding Employment (AWARE), Claudia has been working at Battered Women’s Support Services since 2016.

A Mexican-Canadian activist, Claudia Maldonado was born and raised in Mexico City in a traditional Latin family. Claudia arrived in Canada as a landed immigrant in 1999. During her years of professional career (in Canada and in Mexico), Claudia has had the opportunity to work in different companies and organizations in the Human Resources area, as a Teacher, a Group Facilitator, a Support Worker and a Women’s Counselor. She also has extensive experience in training and programs/services coordination.

At Battered Women’s Support Services, where she first worked as the Crisis Line and Intake Coordinator and in 2019 she was promoted to the position of Manager of the AWARE Program. Through this position as an Employment Counsellor and Case Manager Claudia is dedicating her energy, work and time to support and empower self-identified women survivors of violence and abuse to become financially independent and to have a sustainable living.

Dedicating her life to honor healing, to empower women and to bring individuals to a place of health and wellness, Claudia is a committed feminist, kind, respectful, adaptable woman, highly motivated and always open to maintaining a positive attitude towards learning, growth, personal health and wellness.